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School History

Original Hunters Point Boarding School building

Hunters Point Boarding School went into operation in 1934-35 as a Boarding School at the request of community leaders who expressed local younger children should attend closer to home. The community leaders consisted of Hudson Tso, Mose Yazzie, Tsehe Nota and Jack Smiley. Tsehe Notah donated portion of his land for the school site. A building was constructed with the help of the local people who failed stones and logs for a two-room schoolhouse, residential hall, and a kitchen/dining room. In 1944, during the worst part of the war and during gasoline rationing, local families brought their children on horseback or wagons to learn from local resident, Mr. Charley Day, the school’s only teacher who taught K-3rd grade.  In 1962, the school moved into the new school facilities and expanded grade level to 5th grade. For over 74 years, Hunters Point Boarding School has played a key role in serving educational needs of several communities: Houck, Fort Defiance, St. Michaels, Oak Springs, Red Lake, Sawmill and Lupton Chapters. A four member elected school board representing these communities provide guidance to the school.

Hunters Point Boarding School is located in Apache County, approximately five miles south of Window Rock, Arizona. The school transports its students from local communities’ geographical area which spans 30 square miles, many of which are unpaved roads. During the winter and rainy seasons transporting students to and from school becomes a greater challenge therefore, providing a residential program is essential.

Hunters Point Boarding School is affiliated with Dine’ Bi’ Olta School Board Association (DBOSBA in Window Rock, Arizona. Hunters Point Boarding School is accredited by the Navajo North Center Accreditation who is then supported by the Arizona State Department of Education to accredit the school’s curriculum and instruction program.


Newly constructed Hunters Point Boarding School building